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Index: U – Z

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Index Entry Section

UIUC3.2 Epoch
unexpected exits37.5 Exiting
unicode support under windows26.12.5 Unicode support under Windows
unicode, future work43.16.3 Future Work – Unicode
University of Illinois3.6 XEmacs
unsigned types, proper use of11.8 Proper Use of Unsigned Types
unwind-protects, dynamic binding; the specbinding stack;22.2 Dynamic Binding; The specbinding Stack; Unwind-Protects
usage of the various representations26.8.5 Usage of the Various Representations

Valgrind11.10 Debugging and Testing
values, symbol23.3 Symbol Values
variables, adding global Lisp11.6 Adding Global Lisp Variables
variables, symbols and23. Symbols and Variables
vector20.10 Vector
vector, bit20.11 Bit Vector
version 18, through3.1 Through Version 18
version 19, GNU Emacs3.4 GNU Emacs 19
version 20, GNU Emacs3.5 GNU Emacs 20
version number and development tree organization, future work43.13 Future Work – Version Number and Development Tree Organization
version.sh script10.1 The version.sh Script

widget interface, generic41.1.1 Generic Widget Interface
widget library, Lucid41.1 Lucid Widget Library
widget-glyphs33.2 Widget-Glyphs
widget-glyphs in the MS-Windows environment33.3 Widget-Glyphs in the MS-Windows Environment
widget-glyphs in the X environment33.4 Widget-Glyphs in the X Environment
Win-Emacs3.6 XEmacs
window (in Emacs)27.5 Modules for the Basic Displayable Lisp Objects
window hierarchy27.3 Window Hierarchy
window object, the27.4 The Window Object
window point internals27.4 The Window Object
window systems28. Window-System Support
window-system support28. Window-System Support
window-system types, creating28.1 Creating a Window-System Type
Windows28. Window-System Support
Windows build flags40.2 Windows Build Flags
Windows environments, different kinds of40.1 Different kinds of Windows environments
windows external widget, discussion44.7 Discussion – Windows External Widget
Windows I18N40.3 Windows I18N Introduction
windows, consoles; devices; frames;27. Consoles; Devices; Frames; Windows
Windows, interface to40. Interface to MS Windows
windows, introduction to consoles; devices; frames;27.1 Introduction to Consoles; Devices; Frames; Windows
Windows, modules for interfacing with40.4 Modules for Interfacing with MS Windows
Windows-related multilingual issues26.12 Microsoft Windows-Related Multilingual Issues
Wing, Ben3.6 XEmacs
Wing, Ben3.6 XEmacs
Wing, Ben3.6 XEmacs
Wing, Ben3.6 XEmacs
working with lisp objects11.3 Working with Lisp Objects
working with the various representations26.8.6 Working With the Various Representations
writer38.4 Lstream Methods
writing good comments11.5 Writing Good Comments
writing Lisp primitives11.4 Writing Lisp Primitives
writing macros11.7 Writing Macros
writing Mule-aware code, general guidelines for26.10.4 General Guidelines for Writing Mule-Aware Code
writing new C code, rules when11. Rules When Writing New C Code
writing new modules11.2 Writing New Modules

X28. Window-System Support
X environment, widget-glyphs in the33.4 Widget-Glyphs in the X Environment
X Window System, interface to the41. Interface to the X Window System
X Windows28. Window-System Support
X Windows, modules for interfacing with41.2 Modules for Interfacing with X Windows
XEmacs3.6 XEmacs
XEmacs from the inside15. XEmacs from the Inside
XEmacs from the outside5. XEmacs from the Outside
XEmacs from the perspective of building7. XEmacs from the Perspective of Building
XEmacs goes it alone3.6 XEmacs
XEmacs object system (abstractly speaking), the18. The XEmacs Object System (Abstractly Speaking)
XEmacs split4. The XEmacs Split
xemacs.org mailing address changes, old future work45.5 Old Future Work – xemacs.org Mailing Address Changes
Xft43.24.5 Better Rendering Support – Modern Font Support
xft-debug-level43.24.5.2 Modern Font Support – fontconfig
xft-name-unparse43.24.5.2 Modern Font Support – fontconfig
xft-version43.24.5.2 Modern Font Support – fontconfig
xft-xlfd-font-regexp43.24.5.2 Modern Font Support – fontconfig
xlfd-font-name-p43.24.5.2 Modern Font Support – fontconfig

Youngs, Steve3.6 XEmacs

Zawinski, Jamie3.3 Lucid Emacs
zero-length extents31.4 Zero-Length Extents

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