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faces32. Faces
fc-font-match43.24.5.2 Modern Font Support – fontconfig
fc-font-real-pattern43.24.5.2 Modern Font Support – fontconfig
fc-font-sort43.24.5.2 Modern Font Support – fontconfig
fc-fontset-count43.24.5.2 Modern Font Support – fontconfig
fc-fontset-destroy43.24.5.2 Modern Font Support – fontconfig
fc-fontset-p43.24.5.2 Modern Font Support – fontconfig
fc-fontset-ref43.24.5.2 Modern Font Support – fontconfig
fc-list-fonts-pattern-objects43.24.5.2 Modern Font Support – fontconfig
fc-name-parse43.24.5.2 Modern Font Support – fontconfig
fc-name-unparse43.24.5.2 Modern Font Support – fontconfig
fc-pattern-add43.24.5.2 Modern Font Support – fontconfig
fc-pattern-create43.24.5.2 Modern Font Support – fontconfig
fc-pattern-del43.24.5.2 Modern Font Support – fontconfig
fc-pattern-destroy43.24.5.2 Modern Font Support – fontconfig
fc-pattern-duplicate43.24.5.2 Modern Font Support – fontconfig
fc-pattern-get43.24.5.2 Modern Font Support – fontconfig
fc-pattern-p43.24.5.2 Modern Font Support – fontconfig
features, adding configurable10.2 Adding Configurable Features
file system, modules for interfacing with the9.6 Modules for Interfacing with the File System
fixnum and characters20.5 Fixnums and Characters
flusher38.4 Lstream Methods
focus handling36.11 Focus Handling
fontconfig43.24.5 Better Rendering Support – Modern Font Support
fontconfig API43.24.5.2 Modern Font Support – fontconfig
fonts43.24.5 Better Rendering Support – Modern Font Support
fonts, antialiased43.24.5 Better Rendering Support – Modern Font Support
fonts, configuring43.24.5.2 Modern Font Support – fontconfig
fonts, OpenType43.24.5 Better Rendering Support – Modern Font Support
fonts, querying43.24.5.2 Modern Font Support – fontconfig
fonts, scalable43.24.5 Better Rendering Support – Modern Font Support
fonts, selecting43.24.5.2 Modern Font Support – fontconfig
fonts, TrueType43.24.5 Better Rendering Support – Modern Font Support
fonts, Type143.24.5 Better Rendering Support – Modern Font Support
fragments, extent31.6 Extent Fragments
frame types, creating28.1 Creating a Window-System Type
frames; windows, consoles; devices;27. Consoles; Devices; Frames; Windows
frames; windows, introduction to consoles; devices;27.1 Introduction to Consoles; Devices; Frames; Windows
Free Software Foundation3. A History of Emacs
frob blocks, allocation from20.6 Allocation from Frob Blocks
FSF3. A History of Emacs
FSF Emacs3.4 GNU Emacs 19
FSF Emacs3.5 GNU Emacs 20
function, compiled20.15 Compiled Function
future work43. Future Work
future work, abstracted mouse pointer interface43.11.1 Future Work – Abstracted Mouse Pointer Interface
future work, autodetection43.16.1 Future Work – Autodetection
future work, better initialization file scheme43.5 Future Work – Better Initialization File Scheme
future work, better rendering support43.24 Future Work – Better Rendering Support
future work, better support for windows style key bindings43.15.2 Future Work – Better Support for Windows Style Key Bindings
future work, bidi support43.16.4 Future Work – BIDI Support
future work, busy pointer43.11.2 Future Work – Busy Pointer
future work, byte code snippets43.16 Future Work – Byte Code Snippets
future work, conversion error detection43.16.2 Future Work – Conversion Error Detection
future work, discussion44. Future Work Discussion
future work, display tables43.21 Future Work – Display Tables
future work, drag-n-drop43.3 Future Work – Drag-n-Drop
future work, easier toolbar customization43.8.1 Future Work – Easier Toolbar Customization
future work, elisp compatibility package43.2 Future Work – Elisp Compatibility Package
future work, everything should obey duplicable extents43.12.1 Future Work – Everything should obey duplicable extents
future work, extents43.12 Future Work – Extents
future work, general suggestions43.1 Future Work – General Suggestions
future work, improvements to the xemacs.org website43.14 Future Work – Improvements to the xemacs.org Website
future work, keybinding schemes43.15.1 Future Work – Keybinding Schemes
future work, keybindings43.15 Future Work – Keybindings
future work, keyword parameters43.6 Future Work – Keyword Parameters
future work, lisp engine discussion43.23.1 Future Work – Lisp Engine Discussion
future work, lisp engine replacement43.23 Future Work – Lisp Engine Replacement
future work, lisp engine replacement, implementation43.23.2 Future Work – Lisp Engine Replacement – Implementation
future work, Lisp stream API43.17 Future Work – Lisp Stream API
future work, localized text/messages43.16.5 Future Work – Localized Text/Messages
future work, macros43.19 Future Work – Macros
future work, making Elisp function calls faster43.22 Future Work – Making Elisp Function Calls Faster
future work, menu API changes43.9 Future Work – Menu API Changes
future work, misc key binding ideas43.15.3 Future Work – Misc Key Binding Ideas
future work, mouse pointer43.11 Future Work – Mouse Pointer
future work, multiple values43.18 Future Work – Multiple Values
future work, old45. Old Future Work
future work, property interface changes43.7 Future Work – Property Interface Changes
future work, removal of misc-user event type43.10 Future Work – Removal of Misc-User Event Type
future work, specifiers43.20 Future Work – Specifiers
future work, standard interface for enabling extensions43.4 Future Work – Standard Interface for Enabling Extensions
future work, startup file modification by packages43.23.3 Future Work – Startup File Modification by Packages
future work, toolbar interface changes43.8.2 Future Work – Toolbar Interface Changes
future work, toolbars43.8 Future Work – Toolbars
future work, unicode43.16.3 Future Work – Unicode
future work, version number and development tree organization43.13 Future Work – Version Number and Development Tree Organization

Galibert, Olivier3.6 XEmacs
garbage collection20.2 Garbage Collection
garbage collection - step by step20.4 Garbage Collection - Step by Step
garbage collection protection11.4 Writing Lisp Primitives
garbage collection protection20.3 GCPROing
garbage collection, conservative20.3 GCPROing
garbage collection, discussion44.1 Discussion – Garbage Collection
garbage collection, invocation20.4.1 Invocation
garbage_collect_120.4.2 garbage_collect_1
GCPROing20.3 GCPROing
gc_sweep20.4.4 gc_sweep
general suggestions, future work43.1 Future Work – General Suggestions
global Lisp variables, adding11.6 Adding Global Lisp Variables
glyph instantiation33.1 Glyph Instantiation
glyphs33. Glyphs
glyphs, discussion44.2 Discussion – Glyphs
Gnome28. Window-System Support
GNU Emacs 193.4 GNU Emacs 19
GNU Emacs 203.5 GNU Emacs 20
Gosling, James3.1 Through Version 18
Gosling, James6. The Lisp Language
Great Integral Type Renaming11.9.1 Great Integral Type Renaming
Great Usenet Renaming3.1 Through Version 18
GTK28. Window-System Support

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