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XEmacs Home Page for Barry Warsaw

This is the XEmacs home page for Barry Warsaw, one of the developers of XEmacs.

As of November 2000, I am a software engineer with the Pythonlabs at Digital Creations. Pythonlabs is the core team developing and maintaining the Python open source, object-oriented scripting language. Digital Creations is the publisher of Zope, an open source content management system written in Python.

In addition to my Python and Zope work, I am lead developer for the GNU Mailman project, a mailing list management system written, naturally, in Python. See the trend?

On the side I play bass with a number of Washington DC area bands and also write poems about cows, milk, and fathers. Here's a sample, and drop me an email if you live in the NYC to Charlotte region; I'll let you know when the band's playing in your area. It'd be cool to meet you, and talking about XEmacs would make my wife very happy by helping to fend off the legions of groupies that seem to follow me everywhere.

    Milk Me Daddy
    (C) 1990 Warsaw
    Oh daddy with your fingers pink 
    From whose udders do you drink? 
    Thy milk offends with putrid stink 
    I'll vomit now, lactose I think 

    If I could dream, I'd be a cow 
    Not horse, or mule, or barnyard sow 
    The cud I'd chew would drip and how! 
    So milk me daddy, milk me now! 

    My bovine nature knows no bounds 
    I'd naught awake at midnight sounds 
    Of teens approaching o'er the grounds 
    To tip with glee, then screech like clowns 

    And so I stare into this glass 
    Of sweaty juice, I gulp so fast 
    Each drop I lick, down to the last 
    The vertigo I know will pass 

    My mother smiles and pats my head 
    She's proud of me, so she has said 
    My pop just now gets out of bed 
    His eyes quite comatose and red 

    He'll empathize my milky fate 
    Whilest sopping gravy from his plate 
    And as the hour is getting late 
    His belly taut with all he ate 

    He isn't often quite so chatty 
    His arteries clogged with meat so fatty 
    With burps that launch soup, thick and splatty 
    Oh how I wish you'd milk me daddy

My personal home page is at http://barry.wooz.org/.

Contributions to XEmacs:

I'm the author of CC Mode, for C, C++, Objective-C and Java editing, Supercite for mail and news citing, and sundry other XEmacs packages such as ELP (the Emacs Lisp Profiler), Reporter, xrdb-mode, and winring. Even though I still live almost 100% in XEmacs these days, my Lisp hacking has fallen off in recent years as I became more involved in Python, and in fact, I currently maintain the Python editing mode. See also the python.org Emacs Goodies page.


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