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XEmacs Home Page for Didier Verna

This is the XEmacs home page for Didier Verna, one of the developers of XEmacs.

I graduated at ENST (an engineering school in Paris) and have a Ph.D. in computer science. I'm currently a teacher at EPITA (another engineering school, still in Paris) and a researcher at LRDE (EPITA's research and development laboratory). Our research topics include generic programming and distributed virtual reality.

Apart from XEmacs, I'm also involved in other free software projects, including Gnus, BBDB, and the GNU "autotools". I also wrote some LaTeX packages (ugh :-).

All of this, actually, is only 60% true. Two days per week, I'm also a semi-professional Jazz guitar player (and singer), which means that it is not the way I earn my crust, but things may very well reverse in the future ...

My personal home page is at http://www.lrde.epita.fr/~didier/.

Contributions to XEmacs:

I joined the development of XEmacs in 1996, and have been one of the core maintainers since 1998. Although I'm mostly interested in the GUI, ergonomics, redisplay and autoconf issues, it's probably simpler to describe what I'm *not* involved in: I've never touched the Lisp implementation, and I probably never will... I'm the author of the multicast support, I wrote and maintain some external Emacs Lisp packages (including mchat) and I'm also responsible for some of the core Lisp code (including the rectangle library which I rewrote for both XEmacs and GNU Emacs).


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