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XEmacs Home Page for Fabrice Popineau

He can be reached at <fabrice.popineau@xemacs.org>, as well as <fabrice@xemacs.org>.

I'm a computer science researcher and teacher in a French electrical engineering institution called Supelec. My fields of interest are symbolic artificial intelligence, theoretical computer science, functional languages ... and TeX. Lately, my hacking time has been devoted to porting the Web2C/teTeX distribution of TeX for Unix to Win32, and I'm still maintaining it. It is included in the TeX Live cdrom edited by Sebastian Rahtz.

His personal home page is at http://www.ese-metz.fr/~popineau/.

Contributions to XEmacs:

I have started to provide binary kits for the 21.2 series when there was no installer available. I contributed a few lines of core code occasionally to make things smoother with the native win32 port which I'm using all the day. I also contributed elisp code long ago to make Gnus run under XEmacs.


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