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XEmacs Home Page for I. N. Golubev

This is the XEmacs home page for I. N. Golubev, one of the developers of XEmacs.

I appreciate power of XEmacs, but elementary editing operations should be done by single keystrokes with no modifiers. So would not use XEmacs until discovered viper, and now can't live without viper. Occasionally dislike something in there or in other free software, and try to get it fixed. .plan file contains classic (perhaps reinvented independently) formula:

Hacking world for ever

(borrowed from "Hacking X for Y" in the Jargon File).

Contributions to XEmacs:

Used XEmacs since early 1997. Fixed bugs that annoy me, both in XEmacs core and in packages I use, mostly viper. Hoping to get coding-cookie package distributed, which is also a fix of what I consider a bug.


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