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XEmacs Home Page for Jan Vroonhof

This is the XEmacs home page for Jan Vroonhof, one of the developers of XEmacs.

Jan Vroonhof has been using XEmacs since he needed to write .tex files for his work as a physics and maths student at the Univerisity of Leiden. His XEmacs hacking started when XEmacs kept freezing up under a his window manager. He submitted a fix and has been hooked every since.

XEmacs has followed him first to Switzerland where he did a maths doctorate at the ETH in Zurich, working on a conjecture by Migdal on the behavior of vertex corrections in Electron-Phonon theory. Finally sharing a house with his loved one, he now lives in Oxford (UK) working on the Jeode Java Virtual Machine, which like XEmacs is portable, implements a language, includes a non-trivial bit of graphics and a garbage collector, but is multithreaded to boot! Unfortunately his XEmacs time is directly limited by the amount of traffic on the M40.

Contributions to XEmacs:

Apart from hunting down redisplay bugs Jan has worked on such things as improvements to the package system, implementing lazy-shot, a short stint at tracking patches and currently acts as a guardian of the XEmacs custom subsystem and gnuserv.


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