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XEmacs Home Page for Jonathan Stigelman

This is the XEmacs home page for Jonathan Stigelman, one of the developers of XEmacs. Jonathan died on November 9, 2013, and this page is as he last changed it.

Peripatetic uninominal Emacs hacker. Stig sometimes operates out of a big white van set up for nomadic living and hacking. Stig is sort of a tool fetishist. He has a hate/love relationship with computers and he hacks on XEmacs because it's a good tool that makes computers somewhat less of a nuisance. Besides XEmacs, Stig especially likes his Leatherman, his Makita, and his lockpicks. Stig wants a MIG welder and air tools.

Stig likes to perch, hang from the ceiling, and climb on the walls. Stig has a cool van. Stig would like to be able to telecommute from, say, the north rim of the Grand Canyon or the midst of Baja.

Contributions to XEmacs:

Implemented the faster stay-up Lucid menus and hyper-apropos. Contributor of many dispersed improvements in the core Lisp code, and back-seat contributor for several of its major packages.


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