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A note on the disclaimer and nomenclature

The current version is maintained by the Release Manager, Stephen J. Turnbull <stephen@xemacs.org>. It should reflect the current policy of the XEmacs Review Board closely. I have tried to incorporate as much as possible of the comments and discussion to date, but errors and omissions surely remain. The responsibility for errors is mine alone.

In this version, the word ``we'' means that the sentence reflects a consensus, or at least a supermajority opinion, of the members of the Review Board. Where I refer to statements by the Release Manager (i.e., to myself in the third person), it means that these reflect policies that I believe to be necessary and appropriate to achieve a high-quality release on schedule. While in general these have not been explicitly ratified by the Review Board, they should be understood to be backed with the confidence the Review Board places in the Release Manager.

Where I use the word ``I'' it is often to emphasize that it is my personal opinion, and should not be construed to be Review Board-approved policy. Nor is it ex oficio Release Manager. If I don't indicate the authority in one of these three ways, then it is again from my personal viewpoint. Often it's fairly arbitrary. In an effort like this, there are a lot of decisions that have to be made, but it doesn't much matter exactly what alternative is selected. If it does seem to matter, please let us know.

This kind of statement seems necessary to me because the management of the XEmacs development and release processes is currently in transition.


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