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External modules

J. Kean Johnston <ADDRESS>

External modules allow C code to be dynamically loaded (on architectures that permit) to extend the Lisp environment in basically the same way that loading Lisp code does.


I propose that the code be left in and advertised as a feature available for experimentation, but the autoconf feature be off by default. There is insufficient time and energy for extensive discussion of this matter for a March 1 release.

External modules (J. Kean Johnston) have been static for a while. Stable? I don't know. The base64 module works for me. Jerry James has a project that uses them. But I don't believe they're getting thorough testing, the sample module never got implemented, and the eudc and zlib modules are partial implementations AFAICT.

Kean has not responded to an inquiry about status. I know that Hrvoje at least objected to the external modules on the basis that they expose the C interfaces to "user" code, restricting developer flexibility in changing C code.

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According to Andy: J. Kean Johnson has been out of contact for a while - but someone else is actively hacking on them so you should consult xemacs-beta on this. This guy also made them work under mswindows and cygwin (which was my only objection to them going in) so I think they should go in. I don't think their presence compromises stability in any way.

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