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Index: J – L

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joining lists11.6.3 Functions that Rearrange Lists
just-one-space43.7 User-Level Deletion Commands
justify-current-line43.11 Filling

kept-new-versions36.1.3 Making and Deleting Numbered Backup Files
kept-old-versions36.1.3 Making and Deleting Numbered Backup Files
key26.1 Keymap Terminology
key binding26.1 Keymap Terminology
key lookup26.8 Key Lookup
key sequence25.6.1 Key Sequence Input
key sequence error26.10 Changing Key Bindings
key sequence input25.6.1 Key Sequence Input
key sequences26.5 Key Sequences
key translation function57.8.2 Translating Input Events
key-binding26.9 Functions for Key Lookup
key-description34.4 Describing Characters for Help Messages
key-press-event-p25.5.3 Event Predicates
key-translation-map57.8.2 Translating Input Events
keyboard macro execution25.3 Interactive Call
keyboard macro termination52.12 Beeping
keyboard macros25.13 Keyboard Macros
keyboard macros (Edebug)22.4.3 Edebug Execution Modes
keyboard menu accelerators27.7 Menu Accelerators
keyboard-quit25.8 Quitting
keymap26. Keymaps
keymap entry26.8 Key Lookup
keymap format26.2 Format of Keymaps
keymap in keymap26.8 Key Lookup
keymap inheritance26.4 Inheritance and Keymaps
keymap parent26.4 Inheritance and Keymaps
keymap-default-binding26.4 Inheritance and Keymaps
keymap-fullness26.12 Scanning Keymaps
keymap-name26.3 Creating Keymaps
keymap-parents26.4 Inheritance and Keymaps
keymap-prompt26.13 Other Keymap Functions
keymapp26.2 Format of Keymaps
keymaps in modes33.1.1 Major Mode Conventions
keys in documentation strings34.3 Substituting Key Bindings in Documentation
keystroke26.1 Keymap Terminology
keystroke command17.1 What Is a Function?
keywordp22.4.16.1 Specification List
kill command repetition25.4 Information from the Command Loop
kill ring43.8 The Kill Ring
kill-all-local-variables16.9.2 Creating and Deleting Buffer-Local Bindings
kill-append43.8.4 Low-Level Kill Ring
kill-buffer37.10 Killing Buffers
kill-buffer-hook37.10 Killing Buffers
kill-buffer-query-functions37.10 Killing Buffers
kill-emacs57.2.1 Killing XEmacs
kill-emacs-hook57.2.1 Killing XEmacs
kill-emacs-query-functions57.2.1 Killing XEmacs
kill-local-variable16.9.2 Creating and Deleting Buffer-Local Bindings
kill-new43.8.4 Low-Level Kill Ring
kill-process56.8 Sending Signals to Processes
kill-region43.8.2 Functions for Killing
kill-ring43.8.5 Internals of the Kill Ring
kill-ring-max43.8.5 Internals of the Kill Ring
kill-ring-yank-pointer43.8.5 Internals of the Kill Ring
killing buffers37.10 Killing Buffers
killing XEmacs57.2.1 Killing XEmacs

lambda expression17.2 Lambda Expressions
lambda expression in hook33.4 Hooks
lambda in debug22.1.7 Invoking the Debugger
lambda in keymap26.8 Key Lookup
lambda list17.2.1 Components of a Lambda Expression
lambda-list (Edebug) Specification List
lambda-list-keywordp22.4.16.1 Specification List
language-unicode-precedence-list63.9 Unicode Support
last-abbrev46.5 Looking Up and Expanding Abbreviations
last-abbrev-location46.5 Looking Up and Expanding Abbreviations
last-abbrev-text46.5 Looking Up and Expanding Abbreviations
last-command25.4 Information from the Command Loop
last-command-char25.4 Information from the Command Loop
last-command-event25.4 Information from the Command Loop
last-input-char25.6.5 Miscellaneous Event Input Features
last-input-event25.6.5 Miscellaneous Event Input Features
last-kbd-macro25.13 Keyboard Macros
Latin-1 character set (input)57.8.2 Translating Input Events
lax-plist-get11.9.2 Working With Lax Plists
lax-plist-member11.9.2 Working With Lax Plists
lax-plist-put11.9.2 Working With Lax Plists
lax-plist-remprop11.9.2 Working With Lax Plists
lax-plists-eq11.9.2 Working With Lax Plists
lax-plists-equal11.9.2 Working With Lax Plists
layout policy51.1 Annotation Basics
layout types51.1 Annotation Basics
lazy loading21.5 Dynamic Loading of Individual Functions
LDAP60. LDAP Support
ldap-add60.2.3.3 Low-level Operations on a LDAP Server
ldap-add-entries60.2.2 The High-Level LDAP API
ldap-attribute-syntax-decoders60.2.4.1 LDAP Internationalization Variables
ldap-attribute-syntax-encoders60.2.4.1 LDAP Internationalization Variables
ldap-attribute-syntaxes-alist60.2.4.1 LDAP Internationalization Variables
ldap-close60.2.3.2 Opening and Closing a LDAP Connection
ldap-coding-system60.2.4.1 LDAP Internationalization Variables
ldap-decode-address60.2.4.2 Encoder/Decoder Functions
ldap-decode-attribute60.2.4 LDAP Internationalization
ldap-decode-boolean60.2.4.2 Encoder/Decoder Functions
ldap-decode-string60.2.4.2 Encoder/Decoder Functions
ldap-default-attribute-decoder60.2.4.1 LDAP Internationalization Variables
ldap-default-base60.2.1 LDAP Variables
ldap-default-host60.2.1 LDAP Variables
ldap-default-port60.2.1 LDAP Variables
ldap-delete60.2.3.3 Low-level Operations on a LDAP Server
ldap-delete-entries60.2.2 The High-Level LDAP API
ldap-encode-address60.2.4.2 Encoder/Decoder Functions
ldap-encode-boolean60.2.4.2 Encoder/Decoder Functions
ldap-encode-string60.2.4.2 Encoder/Decoder Functions
ldap-host60.2.3.1 The LDAP Lisp Object
ldap-host-parameters-alist60.2.1 LDAP Variables
ldap-ignore-attribute-codings60.2.4.1 LDAP Internationalization Variables
ldap-live-p60.2.3.1 The LDAP Lisp Object
ldap-modify60.2.3.3 Low-level Operations on a LDAP Server
ldap-modify-entries60.2.2 The High-Level LDAP API
ldap-open60.2.3.2 Opening and Closing a LDAP Connection
ldap-search-basic60.2.3.3 Low-level Operations on a LDAP Server
ldap-search-entries60.2.2 The High-Level LDAP API
ldap-verbose60.2.1 LDAP Variables
ldapp60.2.3.1 The LDAP Lisp Object
least-negative-float9.3 Floating Point Basics
least-negative-normalized-float9.3 Floating Point Basics
least-positive-float9.3 Floating Point Basics
least-positive-normalized-float9.3 Floating Point Basics
left-gutter30.3 Specifying a Gutter
left-gutter-visible-p30.4 Other Gutter Variables
left-gutter-width30.4 Other Gutter Variables
left-margin43.12 Margins for Filling
left-margin-width51.5 Margin Primitives
left-toolbar29.4 Specifying the Toolbar
left-toolbar-visible-p29.5 Other Toolbar Variables
left-toolbar-width29.5 Other Toolbar Variables
length12.1 Sequences
let16.3 Local Variables
let*16.3 Local Variables
let-specifier48.6 Adding specifications to a Specifier
lexical binding (Edebug)22.4.9 Evaluation
lexical comparison10.6 Comparison of Characters and Strings
library3.2.5 Libraries and Packages
library20. Loading
library compilation21.2 The Compilation Functions
library header commentsA.5 Conventional Headers for XEmacs Libraries
line wrapping52.2 Truncation
lines41.2.4 Motion by Text Lines
lines in region41.2.4 Motion by Text Lines
linking files35.7 Changing File Names and Attributes
Lisp debugger22.1 The Lisp Debugger
Lisp expression motion41.2.6 Moving over Balanced Expressions
Lisp history1.2 Lisp History
Lisp library20. Loading
Lisp nesting error14.1 Eval
Lisp object8. Lisp Data Types
Lisp printer23.5 Output Functions
Lisp reader23.1 Introduction to Reading and Printing
lisp-interaction-mode-mapE. Standard Keymaps
lisp-mode-abbrev-table46.6 Standard Abbrev Tables
lisp-mode-mapE. Standard Keymaps
lisp-mode.el33.1.2 Major Mode Examples
list11.5 Building Cons Cells and Lists
list elements11.4 Accessing Elements of Lists
list form evaluation14.2.3 Classification of List Forms
list in keymap26.8 Key Lookup
list length12.1 Sequences
list motion41.2.6 Moving over Balanced Expressions
list structure11.1 Lists and Cons Cells
list-buffers37.8 The Buffer List
list-buffers-directory37.4 Buffer File Name
list-fonts49.2.3 Font Instance Names
list-processes56.6 Process Information
listp11.3 Predicates on Lists
lists and cons cells11.1 Lists and Cons Cells
lists as sets11.7 Using Lists as Sets
lists represented as boxes11.2 Lists as Linked Pairs of Boxes
literal evaluation14.2.1 Self-Evaluating Forms
lmessage52.3 The Echo Area
ln35.7 Changing File Names and Attributes
load20.1 How Programs Do Loading
load error with require20.4 Features
load errors20.1 How Programs Do Loading
load-average57.3 Operating System Environment
load-default-sounds52.12 Beeping
load-history20.5 Unloading
load-ignore-elc-files20.1 How Programs Do Loading
load-in-progress20.1 How Programs Do Loading
load-path20.1 How Programs Do Loading
load-read-function20.1 How Programs Do Loading
load-sound-file52.12 Beeping
load-warn-when-source-newer20.1 How Programs Do Loading
load-warn-when-source-only20.1 How Programs Do Loading
loading20. Loading
loading hooks20.6 Hooks for Loading
loadup.elB.1 Building XEmacs
local binding16.3 Local Variables
local keymap26.7 Active Keymaps
local variables16.3 Local Variables
local-abbrev-table46.6 Standard Abbrev Tables
local-key-binding26.9 Functions for Key Lookup
local-set-key26.11 Commands for Binding Keys
local-unset-key26.11 Commands for Binding Keys
local-variable-p16.9.2 Creating and Deleting Buffer-Local Bindings
local-write-file-hooks35.2 Saving Buffers
local.rules4.0.1 The targets that most people would be interested in would be:
locale (in a specifier)48.3 In-Depth Overview of a Specifier
locate-file20.1 How Programs Do Loading
locate-file-clear-hashing20.1 How Programs Do Loading
lock-buffer35.5 File Locks
log9.11 Standard Mathematical Functions
log-message-ignore-labels52.3 The Echo Area
log-message-ignore-regexps52.3 The Echo Area
log-message-max-size52.3 The Echo Area
log-warning-minimum-level52.4 Warnings
log-warning-suppressed-classes52.4 Warnings
log109.11 Standard Mathematical Functions
logand9.10 Bitwise Operations on Integers
logb9.3 Floating Point Basics
logical and9.10 Bitwise Operations on Integers
logical exclusive or9.10 Bitwise Operations on Integers
logical inclusive or9.10 Bitwise Operations on Integers
logical not9.10 Bitwise Operations on Integers
logical shift9.10 Bitwise Operations on Integers
logior9.10 Bitwise Operations on Integers
lognot9.10 Bitwise Operations on Integers
logxor9.10 Bitwise Operations on Integers
looking-at44.3 Regular Expression Searching
lookup-key26.9 Functions for Key Lookup
loops, infinite22.1.2 Debugging Infinite Loops
lower case10.11 Character Case
lower-frame39.10 Raising and Lowering Frames
lowering a frame39.10 Raising and Lowering Frames
lsh9.10 Bitwise Operations on Integers
lwarn52.4 Warnings

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