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Index: U – V

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Index Entry Section

ucs-263.9 Unicode Support
ucs-463.9 Unicode Support
unbinding keys26.11 Commands for Binding Keys
undefined26.9 Functions for Key Lookup
undefined in keymap26.8 Key Lookup
undefined key26.1 Keymap Terminology
undisplay-echo-area-function52.3.1 Customizing Message Display
undo avoidance43.19 Substituting for a Character Code
undo-boundary43.9 Undo
undo-limit43.10 Maintaining Undo Lists
undo-strong-limit43.10 Maintaining Undo Lists
unexecB.1 Building XEmacs
unhandled-file-name-directory35.11 Making Certain File Names “Magic”
unicode63.9 Unicode Support
unicode character escape8.4.3 Character Type
unicode-to-character63.9 Unicode Support
unintern13.3 Creating and Interning Symbols
uninterned symbol13.3 Creating and Interning Symbols
uninterned symbols, printing23.6 Variables Affecting Output
union11.7 Using Lists as Sets
unique extents47.9 Duplicable Extents
unity-buffer-representations-feasible63.12 Interactive Usage
unity-charset-alias-alist63.12.1 Configuring Unification for Use
unity-coding-system-alias-alist63.12.1 Configuring Unification for Use
unity-dump-tables63.12.4 Internals
unity-example63.12 Interactive Usage
unity-guess-charset63.12 Interactive Usage
unity-guess-coding-system63.12 Interactive Usage
unity-iso-8859-1-aliases63.11 Basic Functionality
unity-preapproved-coding-system-list63.11 Basic Functionality
unity-preferred-coding-system-list63.11 Basic Functionality
unity-recode-coding-region63.12 Interactive Usage
unity-recode-region63.12 Interactive Usage
unity-region-representations-feasible63.12 Interactive Usage
unity-remap-region63.12 Interactive Usage
unity-sanity-check63.12 Interactive Usage
unity-ucs-list63.11 Basic Functionality
universal-argument25.9 Prefix Command Arguments
unload-feature20.5 Unloading
unloading20.5 Unloading
unlock-buffer35.5 File Locks
unmap-frame-hook39.12 Hooks for Customizing Frame Behavior
unread-command-event25.6.5 Miscellaneous Event Input Features
unread-command-events25.6.5 Miscellaneous Event Input Features
unreading23.2 Input Streams
unregister-tooltalk-pattern59.3.2 Elisp Interface for Receiving Messages
unwind-protect15.5.4 Cleaning Up from Nonlocal Exits
unwinding15.5.4 Cleaning Up from Nonlocal Exits
up-list41.2.6 Moving over Balanced Expressions
upcase10.11 Character Case
upcase-region43.17 Case Changes
upcase-word43.17 Case Changes
update display52.1 Refreshing the Screen
update-directory-autoloads20.2 Autoload
update-file-autoloads20.2 Autoload
upper case10.11 Character Case
upper case key sequence25.6.1 Key Sequence Input
use-global-map26.7 Active Keymaps
use-hard-newlines43.11 Filling
use-left-overflow51.5 Margin Primitives
use-local-map26.7 Active Keymaps
use-right-overflow51.5 Margin Primitives
user name completion subroutines35.8.7 User Name Completion
user option16.5 Defining Global Variables
user-defined error15.5.3.4 Error Symbols and Condition Names
user-full-name57.4 User Identification
user-full-name57.4 User Identification
user-home-directory57.4 User Identification
user-login-name57.4 User Identification
user-mail-address57.4 User Identification
user-name-all-completions35.8.7 User Name Completion
user-name-completion35.8.7 User Name Completion
user-name-completion-135.8.7 User Name Completion
user-real-login-name57.4 User Identification
user-real-uid57.4 User Identification
user-uid57.4 User Identification
user-variable-p16.5 Defining Global Variables
user-variable-p example24.5.4 High-Level Completion Functions
utf-1663.9 Unicode Support
utf-863.9 Unicode Support

valid-char-table-type-p10.13.1 Char Table Types
valid-char-table-value-p10.13.2 Working With Char Tables
valid-device-class-p40.3 Console Types and Device Classes
valid-device-type-p40.3 Console Types and Device Classes
valid-glyph-type-p50.4.4 Glyph Types
valid-image-instance-type-p50.2.4.1 Image Instance Types
valid-image-instantiator-format-p50.2.3 Image Instantiator Formats
valid-inst-list-p48.12 Functions for Checking the Validity of Specifier Components
valid-instantiator-p48.12 Functions for Checking the Validity of Specifier Components
valid-plist-p11.9 Property Lists
valid-spec-list-p48.12 Functions for Checking the Validity of Specifier Components
valid-specifier-domain-p48.12 Functions for Checking the Validity of Specifier Components
valid-specifier-locale-p48.12 Functions for Checking the Validity of Specifier Components
valid-specifier-locale-type-p48.12 Functions for Checking the Validity of Specifier Components
valid-specifier-tag-p48.8 Working With Specifier Tags
valid-specifier-tag-p48.12 Functions for Checking the Validity of Specifier Components
valid-specifier-tag-set-p48.8 Working With Specifier Tags
valid-specifier-type-p48.12 Functions for Checking the Validity of Specifier Components
value cell13.1 Symbol Components
value of expression14. Evaluation
values14.4 Multiple values
values-list14.4 Multiple values
variable16. Variables
variable aliases16.10 Variable Aliases
variable definition16.5 Defining Global Variables
variable descriptions1.3.7.2 A Sample Variable Description
variable limit error16.3 Local Variables
variable-alias16.10 Variable Aliases
variable-documentation34.1 Documentation Basics
variable-obsoleteness-doc34.6 Obsoleteness
variables, buffer-local16.9 Buffer-Local Variables
variables, indirect16.10 Variable Aliases
vc-mode33.3.2 Variables Used in the Modeline
vconcat12.5 Functions That Operate on Vectors
vector12.5 Functions That Operate on Vectors
vector evaluation14.2.1 Self-Evaluating Forms
vector length12.1 Sequences
vectorp12.5 Functions That Operate on Vectors
verify-visited-file-modtime37.6 Comparison of Modification Time
version number (in file name)35.8.1 File Name Components
version-control36.1.3 Making and Deleting Numbered Backup Files
vertical scrolling38.11 Vertical Scrolling
vertical tab8.4.3 Character Type
vertical-motion41.2.5 Motion by Screen Lines
vertical-motion-pixels41.2.5 Motion by Screen Lines
view-file35.1.1 Functions for Visiting Files
view-mode-mapE. Standard Keymaps
view-register43.20 Registers
visible frame39.9 Visibility of Frames
visible-bell52.12 Beeping
visible-frame-list39.5 Finding All Frames
visited file37.4 Buffer File Name
visited file mode33.1.3 How XEmacs Chooses a Major Mode
visited-file-modtime37.6 Comparison of Modification Time
visiting files35.1 Visiting Files
void function14.2.4 Symbol Function Indirection
void function cell17.8 Accessing Function Cell Contents
void variable16.4 When a Variable is “Void”
void-function17.8 Accessing Function Cell Contents
void-variable16.4 When a Variable is “Void”

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