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Index: Q – R

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Index Entry Section

query-replace-history24.4 Minibuffer History
query-replace-map44.5 Search and Replace
query-replace-mapE. Standard Keymaps
querying the user24.6 Yes-or-No Queries
question mark in character constant8.4.3 Character Type
quietly-read-abbrev-file46.4 Saving Abbrevs in Files
quit-flag25.8 Quitting
quit-process56.8 Sending Signals to Processes
quitting25.8 Quitting
quitting from infinite loop22.1.2 Debugging Infinite Loops
quote14.3 Quoting
quote character45.5 Parsing Balanced Expressions
quoted character input25.6.4 Quoted Character Input
quoted-insert suppression26.10 Changing Key Bindings
quoting14.3 Quoting
quoting characters in printing23.5 Output Functions
quoting using apostrophe14.3 Quoting

raise-frame39.10 Raising and Lowering Frames
raising a frame39.10 Raising and Lowering Frames
random9.12 Random Numbers
random numbers9.12 Random Numbers
range table type8.4.18 Range Table Type
Range Tables54. Range Tables
range-table-p54. Range Tables
rassoc*11.8 Association Lists
rassq11.8 Association Lists
rationalp9.5 Type Predicates for Numbers
ratiop9.5 Type Predicates for Numbers
ratios9.5 Type Predicates for Numbers
raw prefix argument25.9 Prefix Command Arguments
raw prefix argument usage25.2.2 Code Characters for interactive
re-search-backward44.3 Regular Expression Searching
re-search-forward44.3 Regular Expression Searching
read23.3 Input Functions
read command name25.3 Interactive Call
read syntax8.1 Printed Representation and Read Syntax
read syntax for characters8.4.3 Character Type
read-behavior19.5.5 Enabling Behavior
read-buffer24.5.4 High-Level Completion Functions
read-char25.6.2 Reading One Event
read-command24.5.4 High-Level Completion Functions
read-expression24.3 Reading Lisp Objects with the Minibuffer
read-expression-history24.4 Minibuffer History
read-expression-mapE. Standard Keymaps
read-file-name24.5.5 Reading File Names
read-from-minibuffer24.2 Reading Text Strings with the Minibuffer
read-from-string23.3 Input Functions
read-key-sequence25.6.1 Key Sequence Input
read-minibuffer24.3 Reading Lisp Objects with the Minibuffer
read-only buffer37.7 Read-Only Buffers
read-only buffers in interactive25.2.1 Using interactive
read-passwd24.8 Reading a Password
read-quoted-char25.6.4 Quoted Character Input
read-quoted-char quitting25.8 Quitting
read-shell-command-mapE. Standard Keymaps
read-string24.2 Reading Text Strings with the Minibuffer
read-variable24.5.4 High-Level Completion Functions
reading23.1 Introduction to Reading and Printing
reading (Edebug)22.4.11 Reading in Edebug
reading interactive arguments25.2.2 Code Characters for interactive
reading symbols13.3 Creating and Interning Symbols
realp9.5 Type Predicates for Numbers
rearrangement of lists11.6.3 Functions that Rearrange Lists
rebinding26.10 Changing Key Bindings
receiving ToolTalk messages59.3 Receiving Messages
recent-auto-save-p36.2 Auto-Saving
recent-keys57.8.3 Recording Input
recent-keys-ring-size57.8.3 Recording Input
recenter38.11 Vertical Scrolling
record command history25.3 Interactive Call
recursion15.4 Iteration
recursion-depth25.10 Recursive Editing
recursive command loop25.10 Recursive Editing
recursive editing level25.10 Recursive Editing
recursive evaluation14. Evaluation
recursive-edit25.10 Recursive Editing
redisplay-echo-area52.3.1 Customizing Message Display
redisplay-echo-area-function52.3.1 Customizing Message Display
redo43.9 Undo
redraw-display52.1 Refreshing the Screen
redraw-frame52.1 Refreshing the Screen
redraw-modeline33.3 Modeline Format
refresh display52.1 Refreshing the Screen
regexp44.2 Regular Expressions
regexp alternative44.2.1 Syntax of Regular Expressions
regexp grouping44.2.1 Syntax of Regular Expressions
regexp grouping44.2.1 Syntax of Regular Expressions
regexp searching44.3 Regular Expression Searching
regexp-history24.4 Minibuffer History
regexp-quote44.2.1 Syntax of Regular Expressions
regexps used standardly in editing44.8 Standard Regular Expressions Used in Editing
region argument25.2.2 Code Characters for interactive
region, the42.7 The Region
region-active-p42.7 The Region
region-beginning42.7 The Region
region-end42.7 The Region
region-exists-p42.7 The Region
register-alist43.20 Registers
register-ccl-program63.7.4 Calling CCL
register-tooltalk-pattern59.3.2 Elisp Interface for Receiving Messages
registers43.20 Registers
regular expression44.2 Regular Expressions
regular expression searching44.3 Regular Expression Searching
regular package3.2.6 Package Flavors
reindent-then-newline-and-indent43.16.2 Indentation Controlled by Major Mode
relabel-menu-item27.4 Modifying Menus
relative file name35.8.3 Absolute and Relative File Names
remainder9.8 Arithmetic Operations
remhash53.2 Working With Hash Tables
removal of elements11.7 Using Lists as Sets
remove11.7 Using Lists as Sets
remove*11.7 Using Lists as Sets
remove-database55.2 Working With a Database
remove-face-property49.1.3 Face Properties
remove-glyph-property50.4.1 Glyph Properties
remove-hook33.4 Hooks
remove-range-table54.2 Working With Range Tables
remove-specifier48.13 Other Functions for Working with Specifications in a Specifier
remove-text-properties43.18.2 Changing Text Properties
remprop13.4.2 Property List Functions for Objects
remq11.7 Using Lists as Sets
rename-auto-save-file36.2 Auto-Saving
rename-buffer37.3 Buffer Names
rename-file35.7 Changing File Names and Attributes
renaming files35.7 Changing File Names and Attributes
repeated loading20.3 Repeated Loading
replace bindings26.10 Changing Key Bindings
replace characters43.19 Substituting for a Character Code
replace-buffer-in-windows38.7 Displaying Buffers in Windows
replace-match44.6.2 Replacing the Text That Matched
replacement44.5 Search and Replace
repositioning format arguments10.10 Formatting Strings
require20.4 Features
require-final-newline35.2 Saving Buffers
requiring features20.4 Features
reset-char-table10.13.2 Working With Char Tables
resize redisplay39.2.4 Frame Size And Position
rest arguments17.2.3 Advanced Features of Argument Lists
restriction (in a buffer)41.4 Narrowing
resume (cf. no-redraw-on-reenter)52.1 Refreshing the Screen
return8.4.3 Character Type
return-tooltalk-message59.2.2 Elisp Interface for Sending Messages
reveal-annotation51.3 Annotation Properties
reverse11.5 Building Cons Cells and Lists
reversing a list11.6.3 Functions that Rearrange Lists
reversing a sequence11.6.3 Functions that Rearrange Lists
revert-buffer36.3 Reverting
revert-buffer-function36.3 Reverting
revert-buffer-insert-file-contents-function36.3 Reverting
right-gutter30.3 Specifying a Gutter
right-gutter-visible-p30.4 Other Gutter Variables
right-gutter-width30.4 Other Gutter Variables
right-margin-width51.5 Margin Primitives
right-toolbar29.4 Specifying the Toolbar
right-toolbar-visible-p29.5 Other Toolbar Variables
right-toolbar-width29.5 Other Toolbar Variables
rm35.7 Changing File Names and Attributes
round9.7 Numeric Conversions
rounding in conversions9.7 Numeric Conversions
rounding without conversion9.9 Rounding Operations
rplaca11.6 Modifying Existing List Structure
rplacd11.6 Modifying Existing List Structure
run time stack22.1.8 Internals of the Debugger
run-emacs-from-temacsB.1 Building XEmacs
run-hook-with-args33.4 Hooks
run-hook-with-args-until-failure33.4 Hooks
run-hook-with-args-until-success33.4 Hooks
run-hooks33.4 Hooks
run-mode-hooks33.4 Hooks
runnable ‘temacsB.1 Building XEmacs

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