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Index Entry Section

face type8.6.1 Face Type
face-background49.1.4 Face Convenience Functions
face-background-instance49.1.4 Face Convenience Functions
face-background-pixmap49.1.4 Face Convenience Functions
face-background-pixmap-instance49.1.4 Face Convenience Functions
face-boolean-specifier-p48.5 Specifier Types
face-differs-from-default-p49.1.5 Other Face Display Functions
face-equal49.1.5 Other Face Display Functions
face-font49.1.4 Face Convenience Functions
face-font-instance49.1.4 Face Convenience Functions
face-font-name49.1.4 Face Convenience Functions
face-foreground49.1.4 Face Convenience Functions
face-foreground-instance49.1.4 Face Convenience Functions
face-list49.1.2 Basic Functions for Working with Faces
face-property49.1.3 Face Properties
face-property-instance49.1.3 Face Properties
face-underline-p49.1.4 Face Convenience Functions
facep49.1.2 Basic Functions for Working with Faces
faces49. Faces and Window-System Objects
fallback (in a specifier)48.4 How a Specifier Is Instantiated
false1.3.2 nil and t
fboundp17.8 Accessing Function Cell Contents
fceiling9.9 Rounding Operations
featurep20.4 Features
features20.4 Features
fetch-bytecode21.5 Dynamic Loading of Individual Functions
ffloor9.9 Rounding Operations
field width10.10 Formatting Strings
field-beginning43.18.6 Fields
field-end43.18.6 Fields
field-string43.18.6 Fields
field-string-no-properties43.18.6 Fields
fields43.18.6 Fields
fifth11.4 Accessing Elements of Lists
file accessibility35.6.1 Testing Accessibility
file age35.6.1 Testing Accessibility
file attributes35.6.4 Other Information about Files
file format conversion35.13 File Format Conversion
file hard link35.7 Changing File Names and Attributes
file locks35.5 File Locks
file mode specification error33.1.3 How XEmacs Chooses a Major Mode
file modes and MS-DOS35.7 Changing File Names and Attributes
file modification time35.6.1 Testing Accessibility
file name completion subroutines35.8.6 File Name Completion
file name of buffer37.4 Buffer File Name
file name of directory35.8.2 Directory Names
file names35.8 File Names
file names in directory35.9 Contents of Directories
file open error35.1.2 Subroutines of Visiting
file symbolic links35.6.2 Distinguishing Kinds of Files
file types on MS-DOS35.14 Files and MS-DOS
file with multiple names35.7 Changing File Names and Attributes
file-accessible-directory-p35.6.1 Testing Accessibility
file-already-exists35.7 Changing File Names and Attributes
file-attributes35.6.4 Other Information about Files
file-directory-p35.6.2 Distinguishing Kinds of Files
file-error20.1 How Programs Do Loading
file-executable-p35.6.1 Testing Accessibility
file-exists-p35.6.1 Testing Accessibility
file-local-copy35.11 Making Certain File Names “Magic”
file-locked35.5 File Locks
file-locked-p35.5 File Locks
file-menu-filter27.5 Menu Filters
file-modes35.6.4 Other Information about Files
file-name-absolute-p35.8.3 Absolute and Relative File Names
file-name-all-completions35.8.6 File Name Completion
file-name-as-directory35.8.2 Directory Names
file-name-buffer-file-type-alist35.14 Files and MS-DOS
file-name-completion35.8.6 File Name Completion
file-name-directory35.8.1 File Name Components
file-name-history24.4 Minibuffer History
file-name-nondirectory35.8.1 File Name Components
file-name-sans-extension35.8.1 File Name Components
file-name-sans-versions35.8.1 File Name Components
file-newer-than-file-p35.6.1 Testing Accessibility
file-newest-backup36.1.4 Naming Backup Files
file-nlinks35.6.4 Other Information about Files
file-ownership-preserved-p35.6.1 Testing Accessibility
file-precious-flag35.2 Saving Buffers
file-readable-p35.6.1 Testing Accessibility
file-regular-p35.6.2 Distinguishing Kinds of Files
file-relative-name35.8.4 Functions that Expand Filenames
file-supersession37.6 Comparison of Modification Time
file-symlink-p35.6.2 Distinguishing Kinds of Files
file-truename35.6.3 Truenames
file-writable-p35.6.1 Testing Accessibility
fill12.1 Sequences
fill-column43.12 Margins for Filling
fill-individual-paragraphs43.11 Filling
fill-individual-varying-indent43.11 Filling
fill-paragraph43.11 Filling
fill-paragraph-function43.11 Filling
fill-prefix43.12 Margins for Filling
fill-region43.11 Filling
fill-region-as-paragraph43.11 Filling
filling a paragraph43.11 Filling
filling, automatic43.13 Auto Filling
filling, explicit43.11 Filling
filter function56.9.2 Process Filter Functions
find-backup-file-name36.1.4 Naming Backup Files
find-buffer-file-type35.14 Files and MS-DOS
find-charset63.2.2 Basic Charset Functions
find-charset-region63.3 MULE Characters
find-charset-string63.3 MULE Characters
find-coding-system63.6.3 Basic Coding System Functions
find-field43.18.6 Fields
find-file35.1.1 Functions for Visiting Files
find-file-binary35.14 Files and MS-DOS
find-file-hooks35.1.1 Functions for Visiting Files
find-file-name-handler35.11 Making Certain File Names “Magic”
find-file-noselect35.1.1 Functions for Visiting Files
find-file-not-found-hooks35.1.1 Functions for Visiting Files
find-file-other-window35.1.1 Functions for Visiting Files
find-file-read-only35.1.1 Functions for Visiting Files
find-file-text35.14 Files and MS-DOS
find-menu-item27.4 Modifying Menus
finding files35.1 Visiting Files
finding windows38.4 Selecting Windows
first11.4 Accessing Elements of Lists
first-change-hook43.22 Change Hooks
fixnump9.5 Type Predicates for Numbers
fixup-whitespace43.7 User-Level Deletion Commands
float9.7 Numeric Conversions
float-output-format23.6 Variables Affecting Output
floating-point numbers, printing23.6 Variables Affecting Output
floatingp9.5 Type Predicates for Numbers
floatp9.5 Type Predicates for Numbers
floats9.5 Type Predicates for Numbers
floats9.5 Type Predicates for Numbers
floats9.5 Type Predicates for Numbers
floor9.7 Numeric Conversions
flow control characters57.10 Flow Control
flush input25.6.5 Miscellaneous Event Input Features
fmakunbound17.8 Accessing Function Cell Contents
focus-frame39.8 Input Focus
following-char43.1 Examining Text Near Point
font instance characteristics49.2.5 Font Instance Characteristics
font instance name49.2.3 Font Instance Names
font instance size49.2.4 Font Instance Size
font instance type8.6.4 Font Instance Type
font-instance-name49.2.3 Font Instance Names
font-instance-p49.2.2 Font Instances
font-instance-properties49.2.5 Font Instance Characteristics
font-instance-truename49.2.3 Font Instance Names
font-name49.2.6 Font Convenience Functions
font-properties49.2.6 Font Convenience Functions
font-specifier-p48.5 Specifier Types
font-specifier-p49.2.1 Font Specifiers
font-truename49.2.6 Font Convenience Functions
fonts1.3.1 Some Terms
fonts49.2 Fonts
fonts available49.2.3 Font Instance Names
foo1.3.7.1 A Sample Function Description
for18.6.1 Evaluating Macro Arguments Repeatedly
force-cursor-redisplay52.1 Refreshing the Screen
force-highlight-extent47.10 Interaction of Extents with Keyboard and Mouse Events
forcing redisplay25.7 Waiting for Elapsed Time or Input
format10.10 Formatting Strings
format definition35.13 File Format Conversion
format of keymaps26.2 Format of Keymaps
format of menus27.1 Format of Menus
format of the menubar27.2 Format of the Menubar
format precision10.10 Formatting Strings
format specification10.10 Formatting Strings
format-alist35.13 File Format Conversion
format-buffers-menu-line27.8 Buffers Menu
format-find-file35.13 File Format Conversion
format-insert-file35.13 File Format Conversion
format-time-string57.6 Time Conversion
format-write-file35.13 File Format Conversion
formatting strings10.10 Formatting Strings
formfeed8.4.3 Character Type
forms14. Evaluation
forward-char41.2.1 Motion by Characters
forward-comment45.5 Parsing Balanced Expressions
forward-line41.2.4 Motion by Text Lines
forward-list41.2.6 Moving over Balanced Expressions
forward-sexp41.2.6 Moving over Balanced Expressions
forward-to-indentation43.16.6 Indentation-Based Motion Commands
forward-word41.2.2 Motion by Words
fourth11.4 Accessing Elements of Lists
frame39. Frames
frame configuration39.11 Frame Configurations
frame hooks39.12 Hooks for Customizing Frame Behavior
frame icon50.3.5 External Glyphs
frame name39.2.5 The Name of a Frame (As Opposed to Its Title)
frame of terminal38.1 Basic Concepts of Emacs Windows
frame position39.2.4 Frame Size And Position
frame size39.2.4 Frame Size And Position
frame visibility39.9 Visibility of Frames
frame-device40.2 Basic Device Functions
frame-height39.2.4 Frame Size And Position
frame-highest-window39.6 Frames and Windows
frame-icon-title-format39.3 Frame Titles
frame-iconified-p39.9 Visibility of Frames
frame-leftmost-window39.6 Frames and Windows
frame-list39.5 Finding All Frames
frame-live-p39.4 Deleting Frames
frame-lowest-window39.6 Frames and Windows
frame-name39.2.5 The Name of a Frame (As Opposed to Its Title)
frame-pixel-height39.2.4 Frame Size And Position
frame-pixel-width39.2.4 Frame Size And Position
frame-properties39.2.1 Access to Frame Properties
frame-property39.2.1 Access to Frame Properties
frame-rightmost-window39.6 Frames and Windows
frame-root-window39.6 Frames and Windows
frame-selected-window39.6 Frames and Windows
frame-title-format39.3 Frame Titles
frame-totally-visible-p39.9 Visibility of Frames
frame-visible-p39.9 Visibility of Frames
frame-width39.2.4 Frame Size And Position
framep39. Frames
free listB.2 Garbage Collection
frequency counts22.4.14 Coverage Testing
fround9.9 Rounding Operations
fset17.8 Accessing Function Cell Contents
ftp-login15.5.4 Cleaning Up from Nonlocal Exits
ftruncate9.9 Rounding Operations
funcall17.5 Calling Functions
funcall, and debugging22.1.8 Internals of the Debugger
function17.7 Anonymous Functions
function call14.2.5 Evaluation of Function Forms
function call debugging22.1.3 Entering the Debugger on a Function Call
function cell13.1 Symbol Components
function cell in autoload20.2 Autoload
function definition17.3 Naming a Function
function descriptions1.3.7.1 A Sample Function Description
function form evaluation14.2.5 Evaluation of Function Forms
function input stream23.2 Input Streams
function invocation17.5 Calling Functions
function name17.3 Naming a Function
function output stream23.4 Output Streams
function quoting17.7 Anonymous Functions
function-interactive25.2.1 Using interactive
function-key-map57.8.2 Translating Input Events
function-key-map-parent57.8.2 Translating Input Events
function-obsoleteness-doc34.6 Obsoleteness
functionals17.5 Calling Functions
functions in modes33.1.1 Major Mode Conventions
functions, making them interactive25.2 Defining Commands
Fundamental mode33.1 Major Modes
fundamental-mode33.1.3 How XEmacs Chooses a Major Mode
fundamental-mode-abbrev-table46.6 Standard Abbrev Tables

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